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To be published on The Feast of St. Theodore of Canterbury, Bishop, 19 September 2020!     More information here!

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Morning Prayer (Matins) and Evening Prayer (Evensong or Vespers) have been a staple of the prayer life of English Cathedrals and country parish churches for over 450 years. Presented here in the traditional language of the 1662 and 1928 editions of The Book of Common Prayer together with the 1928 edition of the Coverdale Psalter, this book provides a resource for Catholics to bring this gem of Anglican Patrimony into the Church as envisioned by Pope Benedict in his Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Cœtibus.

The Concise Edition is intended to be used together with other resources such as the proper Collect of the Day from Divine Worship: The Missal and readings from The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition according to a lectionary for daily prayer.

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The Prayer Book Psalter is a classic of English literature, translated by Miles Coverdale in 1535. Its inclusion in the Book of Common Prayer deeply influenced over 400 years of Anglican tradition.

The Psalter of the American 1928 Book of Common Prayer is the definitive edition of the Coverdale Psalter, and is considered the best edition for Anglican Chant.

This edition is printed in an easy to read Garamond font and includes headings both in the text and at the top of each page to assist you in praying the Psalms at Morning and Evening Prayer through the traditional 30-day reading cycle each month or quickly locating any Psalm by number if you choose to use any other reading cycle.

John Covert, Acton, Massachusetts, USA